Finding the right work can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. Unfortunately, many people aren’t looking for a new job under ideal conditions. The job search process can be a very stressful one, and it can also be both confusing and intimidating.  The process is made even more difficult if you believe job hunting myths, many of which are common and which could hurt your career prospects.

Some of the biggest job hunting myths which could be affecting your success in advancing in your professional life include the following:

  • You need to find the perfect job right away.

    It is easy to get discouraged if you cannot find your dream job immediately. However, you may not be able to jump in to the job you’ve been hoping for on your first foray into job hunting. You can consider temp work or positions in a related field to build up experience and earn a living. Once your resume is expanded and you have more skills, you should be able to shape your career into the professional life you’d been hoping for.

  • You must be experienced in your field to get a position.

    While there are some jobs that require experience, there are entry-level jobs in virtually every industry. If you want to try for a job that is higher up the ladder, you may have transferable skills that can make you appear to be a great candidate, even if you don’t have experience in the specific position or industry.

  • Not getting a job right away means you’ll never get one.

    Many people give up on their dream profession or on finding work in their chosen field just because they get a lot of rejections. Rejection is a natural part of the job search and it doesn’t mean you won’t find the perfect position in the industry. You just need to keep trying.

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