If you land an interview for a light industrial job, you want to make a favorable impression on your potential new boss. This means, among other things, dressing in appropriate attire. You want to wear clothing that displays your professionalism without being over-the-top in your outfit choices.

To help ensure your clothing helps to pave the way to getting hired for a new position, or at least does not detract from your efforts to be considered, you should follow this advice.

Skip the suit and tie

Wearing a suit and tie is overkill for most light industrial interviews, unless you are interviewing for an administrative job. While you want to look professional, you don’t want to be overdressed. The overly professional attire shows that you are taking everything seriously, but you want to consider the actual job before making your final decision on interview attire.

Wear something clean, professional and simple

Business casual is often the best choice. For men, this can mean black or khaki pants with a button-down or polo shirt. Women will also do well in a simple dress, slacks and a blouse, or a blouse and a skirt. This combination shows that you are prepared to dress more professionally than the attire you would wear during your everyday work schedule. However, it’s not too formal, and not too casual. The business casual attire will make the right impression – and make sure to have it pressed or ironed!

Avoid jeans, work shoes, T-shirts, and anything that could be construed as inappropriate or controversial.

Clothing that is too casual can make it appear as if you did not care enough to bother to get dressed up for the job. You also want to make sure that you avoid any T-shirts or clothing with slogans or messages on them. Inappropriate or controversial attire like shirts with a political message could end up being alienating to those potentially hiring you. You don’t want to cost yourself a job just because you had on a shirt with a slogan the hiring manager found offensive.

While your outfit matters, your abilities and skills matter more. You need to be a good fit for the job if you are going to stand a chance at getting hired. IES Custom Staffing can help you to land interviews at companies in Idaho Falls, Boise, and Twin Falls, Idaho; Clearfield, Utah; and surrounding locations that are looking for job seekers with your particular skills.  To find out more about how we can help you to find your next new light industrial job, contact us online or give us a call to speak with a staffing professional.

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