The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has many responsibilities, including promoting administrative rules on workplace safety and conducting workplace safety investigations. There are myriad OSHA requirements which employers have to comply with to avoid citations and other consequences, and these OSHA mandates can seem neverending to employers.

While you may find it overwhelming to try to learn all of the OSHA rules and follow them to the letter, it is essential that you comply with OSHA regulations so you won’t get into trouble with this powerful administrative agency. There are lots of different things which you could do that end up causing OSHA to come knocking on your door and create issues.  Three of the most common reasons why OSHA will show up for an inspection and/or take action against your company include the following.

1. Failure to keep safety records

Companies are expected to make prompt reporting of certain workplace injuries and fatalities, such as those which lead to lengthy hospitalizations or serious impairments like amputation or blindness. Companies also have to maintain additional safety records. If any business does not make a prompt report as mandated or does not comply with record-keeping requirements, OSHA penalties can result.

2. Lying to OSHA during inspections

OSHA can conduct periodic inspections or inspections in response to complaints or injuries. Whenever OSHA conducts an investigation, it is important to avoid lying to the agency. You want to put your best foot forward but cannot be deceptive in doing so, or you may only cause further problems and complications.

3. Ignoring employees who raise workplace safety issues

If an employee raises a workplace safety issue and you fail to address it, this could prompt the worker to make a complaint to OSHA. Employees are protected from retaliation when it comes to workplace safety complaints, so you cannot take adverse actions against workers who report violations. Rather than forcing workers to go to OSHA for relief, be sure to take their concerns seriously.

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