Employers lose out when employees get sick. Whether you offer paid sick days or not, your company will experience a decline in productivity on days when staff members take off. You may also have to pay temp employees to come in and try to pick up the slack if a worker has to miss time due to an illness.

Unfortunately, winter is a time when a lot of people get sick. To help increase the chances that your staff will stay healthy, there are a few steps your company can take including:

  • Communicating the importance of healthy workplace practices.

Employers should remind employees about regular hand washing; especially before they eat or drink anything.

  • Providing cleaning supplies and cleaning stations.

Stopping the spread of germs is one of the keys to avoiding widespread illness among staff members. Provide cleaning supplies for workers to wipe down common areas like phones and copiers, and have cleaning stations located throughout a worksite to remind staff to take germ-fighting steps.

  • Stay informed about epidemics and illnesses going around.

Pay attention to alerts in your area, and nationally, about an increase in colds, the flu or more serious conditions. If there is something going around, enhance your germ-fighting efforts.

  • Make a plan for your workplace.

Be prepared in advance for what happens if someone does get sick. Have protocols for when staff members should not come in, who they should notify and how to make sure nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to their work.

If you do have workers who need to take sick days, IES Custom Staffing can help to fill open positions on a temporary basis. Contact our staffing service to find out how we help companies in Boise, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls, Idaho, as well as in Clearfield, Utah, to find candidates for open positions while full-time workers are out on sick leave.

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