If you are being considered for a position you are interested in, you want to make a great impression and maximize your chances of being hired. This means being prepared for your interview and ready to impress the hiring manager.

It also means knowing what not to do, as certain things can be a big turnoff and could even cost you employment opportunities. Some of the key things you want to avoid when you hope to be hired include:

  • Poor body language.

If you are slouching, fidgeting, sitting back in your chair or have your arms crossed, you could come across as hostile, bored and disinterested in the position. Don’t let your body language set a bad message.

  • Coming off as critical.

You do not want to badmouth your old boss, criticize your co-workers or say a bad word about anyone during your interview. No employer wants to hire someone they think has an attitude or who they fear will one day be criticizing their company.

  • Failing to let the interviewer finish.

You never want to interrupt an interviewer. Not only will this come off as rude, you also won’t get to find out what the interviewer is actually asking of you.

  • Complaining and a negative attitude.

Employers look to hire people who will contribute to a positive workplace culture. Be the candidate who exudes positivity and good cheer so you can show your potential employer what a strong asset you would be.

  • Avoiding eye contact.

If you cannot look the hiring manager in the eye, they are going to wonder why. You’ll miss out on signals they are sending you, and lose the chance to make a positive personal connection.


By avoiding these five big no-nos when you go on your interview, you can maximize the chances of making a favorable impression and getting hired for a great job. Of course, you need to get the interview in the first place. That’s where IES Custom Staffing comes in!

Our staffing service can help you to find great jobs in Idaho, including Boise, Idaho Falls, and Twin Falls. We also offer assistance finding employment in Clearfield, Utah and surrounding areas. Contact us now to get professional help with your job search so you can land an interview for the job of your dreams.

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