Shift work is common in different industries, but issues can arise for companies with first-second-and third-shift workers.  First-shift workers often get more attention and more benefits than those working late shifts or overnights, in large part because these first-shift workers are around during routine business hours when there is usually a larger management presence.

While it may seem inevitable that first shift will be the favored shift, those who work non-traditional hours shouldn’t be left out in the cold, as this can breed resentment and job dissatisfaction. It is important for employers to make workers on all shifts feel important. Your company can do this by:

  • Making sure shift workers feel like they are a part of the company:  Shift workers are often left out of staff meetings and miss key communications. They may not know management personnel. This can leave them feeling disconnected. Don’t let this happen. Include shift workers in companywide emails and celebrations, and provide them with info if they miss meetings during the daytime.
  • Having members of management come in periodically during different shifts: Your night- shift workers need to be able to share their ideas and have their concerns heard. You also want them to know they are recognized for their efforts. Having management visit during late shifts and night shifts on a periodic basis can help shift workers to form relationships with company leaders.
  • Recognize the challenges of shift work. Working late at night or overnight can be challenging on the body. Some companies pay more to late-shift workers in recognition of the added stress of doing a job overnight. Others will provide more flexibility for shift workers to structure their work so they can do the most demanding or dangerous tasks when they feel most awake and alert during their shift. The key is to recognize that a non-traditional work schedule does take a toll.

Hiring great workers for every shift is also important to reduce turnover and ensure each shift is as productive as it can be. IES Custom Staffing can help your company to find workers for all of the shifts you need to fill. Give our staffing service a call today to get help finding qualified candidates in Boise, Idaho Falls, and Twin Falls, Idaho, as well as in Clearfield, Utah.

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