The new year is fast approaching, and it may be the ideal time for you to start a new career. If you are unhappy with your current job or feel you could be doing more with your professional life, the dawn of a new year provides you with a great opportunity to begin anew.

To change your career direction, however, you need to find a great new position. One of the best ways for you to jump-start your job search for a meaningful, lucrative and rewarding career is to work with a staffing agency. Working with a staffing agency can put you on the path to a better job because:

  • Staffing agencies have a big network and lots of connections. Staffing agencies have contacts with companies in different industries and are trusted by those companies to recommend talented staff members. You can tap into the vast professional network that staffing services have in order to find out who is hiring people like you.
  • Good staffing agencies only partner with companies that have strong safety records. A good staffing agency cares about the workers being placed in open positions and will make certain that job seekers are only sent to companies that really care about workplace safety.
  • Staffing agencies make sure you get paid quickly: Staffing agencies facilitate timely payments so you don’t have to wait for a paycheck when you make a career change and so you do not have to wonder if your employer will really pay as promised.
  • Staffing agencies can help you find employment that allows you a better schedule: A staffing agency can provide you with opportunities for temp jobs, jobs that allow flexible scheduling, shift work jobs and contract or freelance jobs. You should be able to find work that allows you to still live your life.

IES Custom Staffing is a top staffing agency assisting clients and employers in Idaho and Utah, including in Boise, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Clearfield. To find out more about how our staffing professionals can help you to start off the new year with a new career, give us a call today.

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