Veterans make great workers in many different industries and across many professional fields.  Veterans learn skills that cannot be obtained in civilian life, and many have very strong work ethic, along with impeccable character and a love of country.  Businesses can benefit greatly from all that veterans have to offer.

While veterans are an asset for many different employers, the agriculture industry is an environment that vets are particularly well-suited to. In particular, veterans may be a great fit for jobs in agriculture-related to:

  • Safety.

In the military, following safety protocols is literally a life or death matter. Most vets develop great respect for safety procedures aimed at avoiding injury. They also learn how to monitor and mitigate risks.  These skills can be used in a position within the agricultural industry that is focused on achieving on-the-job safety.

  • Sales.

Members of the military have to work as a team with people from all different backgrounds and with people who have all different kinds of life experiences.  Strong people skills and high emotional intelligence are often developed while serving. Many members of the military also get very good at reading people. All of these skills are very useful in a sales position.

  • Mechanics and Technical Services.

Taking care of the mechanics of agricultural machines can seem downright simple to members of the military who were entrusted with operating or maintaining some of the nation’s most complex weaponry.

  • Logistics.

Members of the military know how to create and carry out action plans. Service members understand the importance of strategy and most pay strong attention to detail. All of these skills make military men and women ideally suited to a position in logistics once they re-enter the civilian workforce.

IES Custom Staffing is proud to help veterans find great jobs and to help companies take advantage of the unique skills that veterans bring to the table. To find out more about how our staffing service can provide assistance to veterans and companies in Boise, Idaho Falls, and Twin Falls, Idaho or in Clearfield Utah, give us a call today.

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