If you work in the agricultural industry, you know that the hours can be very long during the prime season. Working too many hours can lead to burnout and can result in your family responsibilities going unfilled.

While it is tempting to work as much as you can and earn as much as you can, you need to maintain a good work-life balance for your family and for your health. Use the following tips to ensure a better work-life balance.

Look for Employers Who Respect Your Time.

The biggest key to achieving a good work/life balance is to find an employer who recognizes that you have a life outside of work. Good employers will realize that everyone is better off when employees have time to spend with family and have a life outside of the job. If your employer does not respect that you need some time to unwind, you may want to consider looking for a better position.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No to Extra Work.

It is tempting to always take on work if an employer offers it to you. However, you need to remember that working too much could actually backfire by increasing the risk that you’ll suffer a repetitive stress injury or that burnout will cause on-the-job mistakes. Decide how much extra work you want to take on, and don’t accept more work than you can manage.

Plan What to Do in Your Off-Time.

When you work a lot, it’s easy to just sit around when you finally have a free day. Unfortunately, this can leave you feeling like you still didn’t get to spend quality time with your family or doing the things you enjoy. When you know you have time off, plan ahead to have an adventure or do something that you know you and your partner or kids will have fun doing together.

IES Custom Staffing will help you find work with agricultural employers in Idaho or Utah who respect their employees and who will help you maintain a reasonable work-life balance. Give our staffing service a call today so our agricultural employment professionals can help you find great jobs that will leave you time to spend with your family or pursue outside interests.

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