In 2016, temporary workers accounted for about 20 percent of the workforce, according to USA Today. Employers are increasingly turning to temporary employees to better manage workflow, and to avoid making the big commitment that comes with hiring a full-time worker.  This means there is a good chance that you, as an employee, will have at least some temp work in your employment history.

Temp work can teach you valuable skills and can make you more employable for future jobs. However, it can be harder to put on your resume than full-time jobs are. These tips can help you to make sure your resume showcases your temp work history so it makes the best possible impression on a potential employer.

Group the Temp Work Together.

If you have done a lot of very short jobs, you may not want to list each one separately on a chronological resume. Instead, find a common theme to your temp work and use that as a subhead for your job description… then list the different positions you had or work you did below that bullet point. For example, you could make “Temporary Work, Manufacturing 2013-2014” as a bullet point on you resume and then describe what you did below that bullet point.

Consider a Skills-Based or Functional Resume.

If your primary past work experience has been temp jobs, you don’t have to create a chronological resume with a long list of short-term work. Instead, create a functional resume organized around different skills. Each bullet point on your resume can be a particular skill, and you can then explain what you accomplished at each of your temp jobs that showcases your particular abilities.

List the Staffing Agency as Your Employer.

If you were able to find temp work with help from a staffing agency, list that staffing agency as your employer on your chronological resume. Then, explain the key temp jobs you did which the staffing agency helped you to find and be sure to emphasize your accomplishments at each job.

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