Drug laws are in flux throughout the U.S. Some states have legalized recreational marijuana, while others have legalized medicinal marijuana. The federal government, however, has indicated an intent to enforce marijuana laws, despite the fact that states are becoming more permissive.

Amidst uncertain laws and changing societal attitudes towards drug use, many employers are wondering exactly what they should do when it comes to workplace drug testing. There are both advantages and disadvantages of testing current and potential staff members for drugs that you should consider as your company crafts its policy. Some of the pros and cons include the following:

  • Pro. Drug testing can allow you to weed out candidates who might pose a risk on the job due to drug use.  Hiring someone with a drug problem could make your worksite less safe.
  • Pro. Drug testing can be a good deterrent to prevent staff members from engaging in unlawful drug use.  If you have someone who is on you staff who uses drugs, this worker could pose a liability and safety risk. If you have a drug-testing policy, this often serves as a deterrent and workers do not choose to use drugs because they don’t want to risk losing their jobs.
  • Con. Drug testing can be costly. You could spend anywhere from $8 to $42 per test for employee drug testing, according to NewsMax.
  • Con. Drug testing could cause you to lose out on qualified candidates. While you do not want to hire candidates who have a drug habit or who are in any way a risk, you may also not want to foreclose the possibility of hiring someone who has used medical marijuana in their off-time if their use was legal and they were treated under a doctor’s care. Even if you do not to avoid hiring any candidate who uses even medicinal cannabis products, you could lose out on candidates who are uncomfortable with drug testing solely due to privacy concerns, even if they don’t use drugs

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  1. Alex Dean

    Hypothetically, I work for a new company and we are starting to look into doing drug tests. We just want to make sure that if we do so then it will benefit the company instead of hurt it. I like how you pointed out that if we start drug testing possible new hires, then it will weed out those who do have drug problems and keep our work site safe. This information was really useful! Thank you!


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