When you’re brought in for an onsite visit, you may feel pretty confident that you’re on your way to being hired for a manufacturing job. Unfortunately, sometimes you won’t end up getting hired even after you’ve been invited onsite.

There are a lot of potential reasons why the company may have gone with someone else, and understanding the possible motivation of the company in hiring someone else can help you to shape your future job search efforts.

Some of the reasons why you may not have landed the job include:

  • You failed to fully demonstrate your knowledge. If you’re asked questions as you move around the worksite, you need to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skill your resume suggests you have.
  • You didn’t seem to really want the job. When you are brought in for an onsite visit, you need to show you are really interested in being hired so the hiring manager will feel confident that you’ll be motivated to do the job right and stick around for a while. If you come across as disinterested, you may lose out on the opportunity. Be ready to ask questions about what you see and avoid body language-like lots of yawning-that can make you seem bored.
  • You didn’t come across as very professional. If you showed up in sloppy clothing, didn’t take enough care with your hygiene, used a lot of slang or unprofessional language, or failed to be polite to everyone you met, this could have adversely affected your chances of being hired. Remember, the onsite visit is essentially an extended interview and you need to show up on time and always behave with the utmost of professionalism in every interaction while you’re at the worksite.
  • The company simply decided to go in a different direction. Sometimes, your actions are the reason why you didn’t get hired. In many other situations, companies are motivated by some external factor. The company may have been considering multiple candidates and may have decided another person was a better fit, or may have even decided to wait a while to fill the position.

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