No matter what industry you work in or what your job title is, experiencing stress at work is inevitable. Workplace stress can sometimes impact your health and can increase the chances of burnout or job mistakes. It is important to find healthy ways to manage stressful situations and explore opportunities to reduce stress at work.

Fortunately, these five tips can help you cut your stress down to a manageable level so worry about work issues doesn’t cause you problems on or off the job:

  • Break your big tasks down into small ones. It’s very daunting to see a big project, and you’re likely to start to feel stressed because you don’t know where to start or because you feel like finishing it all is insurmountable. Instead of allowing yourself to give in to the stress, break the entire project down into very small and manageable chunks so you can dive right in.
  • Get, and stay, organized. A cluttered workspace can enhance your feelings of being stressed and can cause tasks to take longer because you’re always looking for the items you need to get your job done. Take the time to always keep your workspace clear and put things away where they belong.
  • Make a plan and set reasonable goals. Many people become stressed because they expect too much of themselves. Set reasonable goals for what you want to accomplish and plan your day around doing those particular tasks, starting with the most important ones first.
  • Avoid multitasking. When you are overwhelmed with work or feel like you’ve got a lot to do, it’s tempting to multitask. Avoid the temptation to do this. The brain isn’t good at it, and each of your tasks is likely to take longer and not be done as well as it could be. Instead of trying to do everything at once, accomplish one task and then move on to the next one.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. If your workload is unmanageable or if you are unable to do the work you’ve been given with the training and the tools you have, ask your employer for help. Speak up as soon as you realize the problem to give your employer time to respond before deadlines get missed or tasks go undone. Be specific about what the issue is and what tools, support, or training you need to accomplish you tasks.

If your work site is routinely a stressful place to be, it may be time to start thinking about finding a better job. IES Custom Staffing can help you find new employment opportunities in Boise, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls, Idaho or Clearfield, Utah. Give our staffing professionals a call today!

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