Most people change jobs multiple times over the course of their careers. If you’re interested in moving on to new career opportunities, this can mean resigning from your current position. Having the “I quit” conversation with your boss can be uncomfortable, but it is important you do it correctly so you don’t burn your bridges.

Follow these tips to help you resign the right way so you don’t leave a negative impression with your company that could come back to haunt you later in your career:

  • Provide at least two weeks’ notice. You never want to leave your employer in the lurch with an abrupt departure. You should provide plenty of notice so your employer has time to find someone new and you can train that person if necessary. Your employer may not want you to work for the full two weeks, but give your employer the chance to make that choice.
  • Be polite and positive about resigning. When you leave your job, your employer may ask about reasons why you are resigning. You may even have an exit interview. It can be tempting to make a list of everything that was wrong and vent about your hopeless boss. Don’t do this. Instead, be very polite about why you are leaving, and thank the employer for the positives of the job.  You don’t have to lie about why you are moving on, but you shouldn’t be critical or say mean things about the company or your co-workers. Explain you are pursuing a new opportunity you think may be a better fit.
  • Have your projects and tasks completed or ready to be taken over. You don’t want to leave your employer in a mess with half-completed projects and no clear path towards getting the work finished. Whenever possible, avoid leaving with tasks midway complete. Get as much as you can done in anticipation of moving on. If you must leave a task you’ve started but that is not yet done, have everything as organized as possible with clear instructions for the next person who takes over.

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