As an employer, you expect a lot from your employees. From being productive to being good team players and exhibiting character traits like honesty. However, one of the most important things employers need from employees is a focus on safety.

If your employees are not following best practices for safety or are taking risks on the job, you could find yourself with an injured employee, a workers’ compensation claim, an OSHA investigation and a host of other problems.

To help ensure your employees are following safety regulations:

  • Hire staff members who care about safety. Your staff members are the ones on the front lines of ensuring there is a safe work site. All it takes is one employee who doesn’t follow the rules to put everyone at risk of injury. Make sure you ask about safety during the hiring process and only bring in candidates who have shown a commitment to creating a safe worksite.
  • Provide appropriate training and the right safety equipment. Most workers want to be safe, if their employers teach them how and give them the tools to do so. Find out what OSHA requires of you and what the best practices are for training and safety equipment, and make sure to do at least the minimum required (and preferably more) to help employees stay safe.
  • Put someone in charge of monitoring safety compliance. It is important you have at least one person who is accountable for monitoring safety compliance and making sure the rules are followed. If you don’t make safety someone’s job, it is likely no one will take responsibility and important things will fall through the cracks.

By following these tips, you can reduce the chances an employee will be hurt or killed on the job, and you can reduce the possibility OSHA will investigate, cite and fine your company for violations.

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