IES Custom Staffing provides help to employees in Boise, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls, Idaho or Clearfield, Utah, as well as in surrounding areas. If you are looking for a job, our staffing professionals can assist you in finding both temp work and full-time positions. We provide assistance finding work in many different areas, including the agricultural field as well as industrial work.

There are lots of reasons why you should turn to IES Custom Staffing to help you jumpstart your job search and take your industrial career to the next level. You can count on us to help you find meaningful, lucrative and interesting work because:

  • We have a long history of satisfied clients. Many of the people who have turned to our staffing service for help have found great industrial jobs that are a perfect fit for their skills. We place people in positions with employers who care about their workers. This means employers pay a fair wage, offer good benefits and put safety first. Our track record of helping industrial workers find jobs speaks for itself and should help you to feel confident that our staffing service will do right by you when it comes to helping you find work.
  • We care about matching employees up with the right employers. We don’t want to just help you find a job… we want to help you find the right job. Our staffing professionals will take the time to learn about your skills and about what you are looking for in a job so we can match you to an employer where you are a good fit. Our ability to help you find work you excel at is essential to our success as a staffing firm. Some of the best companies in the area come to us for help with hiring because we excel at finding qualified candidates. This, in turn, makes it possible for our staffing firm to help those qualified candidates find work that rewards them for their skills.
  • We help you find the kind of work you are looking for. Our staffing firm can help you to find temp work or a full-time job.


To find out more about how IES Custom Staffing can assist you with your job search efforts, give us a call today to talk with our industrial staffing experts.

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