Social media provides a wealth of information for employers, and you may be remiss if you don’t take advantage of the data available on social media when screening job seekers.  You don’t want to waste time scheduling an interview with a candidate who is a bad fit for your business, and a quick look at an applicant’s social media profile can help you reduce the chances you’ll interview someone who is wholly unsuitable.


Some of the key things you should look for on a job-seeker’s social media include:


  • Pictures of illegal conduct: You don’t want to hire someone who does illegal drugs, brags about breaking the law or otherwise seems like they have a penchant for getting into trouble. Not only is engaging in illegal activity a major red flag an employee is going to be a problem, but the fact that someone who is looking for a job would actually post pictures like this suggests the individual has very bad judgement.
  • Lots of pictures or posts that contain inappropriate information: Does every picture on a candidate’s social media page contain the person drinking or partying? Do pictures or posts include a lot of details about personal drama? If so, the candidate may be someone who is going to be more trouble to employ than they are worth. Leaving up pictures and posts with inappropriate info is also a sign of poor judgement when a candidate is involved in a job search, just like leaving up pictures of illegal activity.
  • Comments about the job search and current or past employers: If there are lots of posts in which the candidate complains about their work or about co-workers, this is a red flag the candidate may be difficult to work with. There’s no reason to suggest the candidate wouldn’t keep complaining and having work drama if you hired them- so don’t take the chance.


Learning about candidates is easier than ever thanks to social media, but companies still face challenges in finding workers who are actually a good fit for their organizations. IES Custom Staffing can help your business identify qualified candidates who will excel at open positions your company has. To find out more about how our staffing professionals can help you build the best team, contact us today.

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