Landing a promotion can mean more responsibility, a higher income and a more fulfilling professional life. If you’re up for a promotion or are interested in trying to advance at work, there are a few things you should be doing to maximize the chance you’ll get the opportunity to move into a bigger and better position.

Some of the key things you should do if you want to land a promotion include:

  • Finding a mentor in your company: A more senior staff member will be able to serve as a model for the path your own career can take. A mentor can not only guide you in making decisions that will set you up for advancement, but will also get to know you personally. This could turn your mentor into an advocate for you with those in leadership positions who make decisions on promotions.
  • Keeping your attitude positive at all times: Employers want to promote people who are excited about what they do and who inspire others. Having a positive attitude will make you seem more passionate about work performance and will endear you to peers and superiors who will be more willing to work with you due to your can-do mentality.
  • Always holding yourself to high professional standards: You want to ensure you dress professionally, come to work on time, avoid errors and show you’re a model employee who can definitely be entrusted with a promotion.
  • Selling yourself to your manager: In many circumstances, approaching your manager about advancement opportunities is key to landing a promotion. When you sell yourself as someone who can do more, a manager who may not have taken the time to assess your true potential could be prompted to take another look at what you can do.
  • Volunteering to take on additional responsibility: Finally, go the extra mile at work and volunteer to do more. Not only will you learn new skills, your employer will observe how well you can perform in different positions. This could lead to your employer moving you to a different job higher up on the corporate ladder.

By doing these five key things, you can put yourself on the fast-track to career success. Of course, you also need to work for a company that values its staff members, recognizes achievement and is willing to promote from within.

If your employer is not providing you with opportunities for advancement, it is time to look elsewhere so you can take your career to new heights. IES Custom Staffing can help you land your dream gig, so contact us today to find out what our staffing service can do for you.

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