A job search can be a frustrating endeavor even under the best of circumstances. Job searches often involve sending out resumes to several companies and hoping to hear back from at least a few who are interested in hiring you. The process may be stressful if you’re worried about finding a position and your stress can be compounded if you aren’t getting a favorable response to your application.

Unfortunately, many job seekers inadvertently hurt their chances at career success without even knowing it. You could be making common job search mistakes that prevent you from landing your dream position. Some examples include:

  • Having a typo on a resume or cover letter: Your resume and cover letter are your chance to show you’re a professional with the necessary credentials to do the job right. These documents are the way you make a first impression that convinces the hiring manager to move your application forward. Typos and mistakes on these important application papers show that you aren’t serious about making your best impression and can be major red flags to a potential employer suggesting mistakes in other work could occur.
  • Showing up late to an interview: Just like a resume and cover letter, an interview is a chance to make your best impression. Hiring managers believe if you come late to the interview, you’ll probably come late to work as well. They won’t be eager to bring you on as an employee if they don’t think they can count on you.
  • Not working with a recruiter or staffing professional: Many companies hire primarily or exclusively through staffing services, so you may never hear about some open positions if you aren’t working with staffing professionals. A staffing service can also get to know your skills and recommend you for positions you’re the right fit for. This makes it easier to land an interview with the companies most likely to hire you.

These are just a few of the errors that could hurt your efforts to find work. If you want to avoid the biggest mistake – not getting the right help with the job hunt – today is the day to take action. Contact IES Custom Staffing now to find out how we can help make your job search a successful one.

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