Have you landed an interview for a warehouse job? You want to impress the hiring manager into bringing you on board, and your interview is your best chance to show off your skills and maximize the likelihood of getting hired.

To put your best foot forward and come across as a candidate who will be a strong asset to the company, here are a few tips for you to follow:

  • Dress for success: Once you’ve been hired, wearing boots and jeans to work may be both acceptable and practical. But, don’t wear your casual clothes to the interview when you’re trying to make a great impression. The person interviewing you will likely be dressed in business attire and you should be too. A dress shirt and slacks are a great option for both men and women – but neither men nor women need to wear a suit.
  • Practice your answers: There are a few key questions you’ll probably be asked during your interview. It’s a good idea to practice for how you’ll respond. For example, be prepared for questions about why you want to work at the job, how you’ll prioritize safety and how you may have corrected past mistakes if you noticed errors in your orders at any prior jobs.
  • Come with your application material: You should be ready with your documents in case the hiring manager wants to take another look at them. Come prepared with a copy of your resume, your references, any recommendation letters and any certifications and operators cards you may have.
  • Do your research before the interview: Try to find out as much about the company and its culture as you can before you go to a job interview. You’ll be more prepared to answer questions in a way that shows why you’d be a good fit for the organization.

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