Finding the right job means having the skills that are in demand by top employers in your industry. Whether you have a job and want to get promoted, or you are looking for a new position in your industry, it’s vital you have the skills employers need now. This means you need to ensure you don’t become lax in your professional development.

Having current job skills makes you indispensable to an employer, puts you in line for advancement and helps you find a new position if you need one. But, how can you keep your job skills fresh? Follow these key tips:

  • Look at job listings to see in-demand skills in your field: Employers list the types of skills they are looking for in job ads. Even if you are not actively searching for work at the moment, take time to periodically peruse these ads to find out what employers are looking for. If most employers want candidates to be familiar with a particular type of software, for example, make it a point to learn how to use that program so you’ll have this skill to put on your resume.
  • Talk to your current employer about the skills necessary for advancement: Your employer may have particular skills he’s looking for, and you want to try to develop these skills so you can get promoted in-house. Chances are, other employers are also looking for similar skills, by learning new things to meet your employer’s needs, you’ll also make yourself a more attractive candidate if you want to move on to a new job.
  • Read industry-specific blogs and news: There is endless information available on the internet about the latest developments in different professions and industries. Find and follow an informative blog or news journal to learn about new developments you need to keep abreast of.
  • Attend trainings or continuing education programs: The best way to keep your skills fresh is to continue your coursework and learning. Not only will you continue to develop important skills, you’ll also be constantly acquiring new talents to put on your resume.

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