If you are interested in a receptionist job, you need to be prepared to be the face of the company that hires you. When a customer or client walks in the door, the receptionist is the person they interact with first. It is up to you to make a positive first impression for the company and get the visitor the help they need to do business with your organization.

There are a few key skills you’ll need to have to get hired as a receptionist and excel in this job. Some key receptionist skills employers look for when hiring include:

  • Strong communication skills: You’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with members of the team at your workplace and all callers and visitors. From relaying messages to talking with customers to find out their needs, you’ll spend much of your day communicating. You need to be able to communicate in both written and oral form in an understandable, professional manner.
  • Technology skills: You may need to use many different kinds of technology; from phone and communications systems to word processing software to proprietary software for your industry. It’s essential you have the technology skills to use these different programs and tools.
  • The ability to multitask: Receptionists often have to multitask, from fielding phone calls to relaying messages to meeting visitors. You need to be able to jump from one task to the next while making sure everything gets done in an efficient, effective manner.
  • Strong organizational skills: As a receptionist, you’ll play a key role in keeping everything running smoothly. You don’t want to let anything fall through the cracks by failing to take detailed messages, provide information to appropriate parties, or otherwise do your part to meet the needs of customers who visit or call.

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