Working as a CNC operator gives you the chance to use your specialized skills to do interesting work and make a great living. However, it’s important to have the right skills to work as a CNC machinist if you want to get hired.

Some of the key skills you are likely to need to land a job as a CNC operator include:

  • Understanding software and programming languages: CNC machinists work on computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. These machines have programming features so operations can be automated. You need to understand how programming languages work and how to make use of the software on the machines in order to be successful in this profession.
  • Following job instructions: Following instructions is key to ensuring the correct final product is produced. You’ll need to understand the nuances of the machine you are operating and make sure you work within the parameters you are given to produce finished products that meet or exceed expectations.
  • Comprehending specifications: Comprehending project specifications is not only important to facilitate the correct setup of the machine, it is also essential so you can evaluate product quality and determine if any adjustments must be made. Without an understanding of what the finished product is supposed to be, evaluating quality control is difficult or impossible.
  • Determining correct machine setup: The most important part of your job will be using your knowledge of software, programming languages and product specification to set up the CNC machine so it can properly produce the finished product through the automation process. Training in machine operation is essential to be able to set up machines properly to produce the right products.
  • Reading and understanding blueprints: As a CNC operator, you will need to make use of blueprints which provide key information on fabrication tolerances.

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