When you have staff members who are underperforming, this can hurt productivity. Not only do you not get the full benefit of the underperforming workers, but other team members may also get frustrated having to pick up the slack. This can lead to an overall decrease in employee motivation and can even increase turnover.

You don’t want performance issues to undermine your company’s success, so consider these key tips for identifying problems:

  • Set expectations, and monitor for failure to live up to them: Often, staff members underperform at work because they do not know what they are expected to do in order to be successful. You should have guidelines for what it means for staff to be successful so they will know what they need to live up to. Establishing a metric for success also makes it easier for you to identify when an employee is not meeting it.
  • Watch out for outright misconduct: There are some behaviors – like absenteeism or dishonesty – that need to be addressed much more harshly than underperforming. Know what behaviors are unacceptable and make it clear to staff what types of misconduct are not tolerated.
  • Identify consequences: Employees who think they can get away with misconduct or underperformance often won’t have any motive to change. Establish policies for what happens when employees don’t perform as expected and follow through with taking action.
  • Create an action plan for improvement: If an employee wants to improve and isn’t engaged in intentional misconduct, the staff member will often be eager to work with you to come up with a concrete plan to do better. Establish specific measurable goals for improvement, provide frequent feedback and check in regularly to see if the employee has improved and if you can increase your expectations to step up productivity even further.

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