Submitting a resume is the first step in a job search, but it is not the last step you’ll need to take – especially if the job is one you are really excited about and you want to get noticed.

While following up after submitting a resume is important, you don’t want to come across as desperate or engage in any communication that could undermine your efforts to get hired. To make sure you are following up the right way after submitting a resume:

  • Send a professional email: Email is a quick, simple and non-intrusive way to follow up after sending a resume. Be sure to treat the email as a professional communication, which means addressing it formally, avoiding slang and proofreading.
  • Follow instructions for following up: If the instructions in the job ad say not to call to follow up, making a phone call is likely to annoy the hiring manager and hurt your chances. Be sure to follow whatever instructions are provided, whether you’re told to follow up at a certain time or advised to follow up via email only.
  • Time your contacts strategically: Sending an email early in the morning is often more likely to be successful because the recipient will see it when they first sign on. Phone calls should be made at less busy times so you can avoid trying to catch the hiring manager when they’re frazzled trying to finish up all tasks for the week.
  • Be courteous, polite and professional: In all communications, you want to ensure that you present your best self. Don’t say anything that could seem negative – like commenting the hiring manager promised to get back to you but didn’t – and don’t come across as too desperate in your communications.
  • Prepare in advance what you plan to say: If you’re going to make a phone call, practice in advance so you’ll know what to say and have a definite goal for the phone call, such as finding out the next steps in the hiring process.

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