When you are hiring new team members, you’ll probably receive a lot of resumes. You need to be able to narrow down the resumes and find the right candidate who will excel in the position you have available.

It can be hard to determine exactly what to look for and how to most effectively review resumes, but these tips can help:

  • Develop a list of key qualifications and essential criteria: In order to be effective at reviewing a resume, you need to know what to look for. Develop a list of the essential skills that are non-negotiable and every candidate must have. If a candidate’s resume doesn’t show that they have those skills, then don’t waste any more time looking at the resume.
  • Scan the revenue for an overall impression: When you first pick up a resume, scan it to get a general overview of who the employee is. Is the resume the appropriate length, well organized and formatted in the right way? Does the candidate clearly identify skills they have and past positions. The organization of the resume can be just as important as the information within it.
  • Read the candidates objectives: If the candidate lists objectives on the resume, see if they are well suited to the job you’re offering. Candidates who are excited about the job will customize the resume to the specific position, so you can prioritize resumes where the candidate has made clear the job you’re offering is one he’s truly interested in.
  • Review the most recent employer first: Check the candidate’s most recent job history to see if they have the right level of skills for the position. If they’ve only done entry-level work and you’re looking for someone with advanced skills, you’ll know right away you don’t have to look at the resume any further.

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