When you’re looking for work, chances are good you will be using email during your job hunt. You may submit applications via email, use email to set up interviews or ask questions, and use email to send thank-you notes after you’ve gone to an interview.

While email is widely considered an acceptable form of communication during the job search process, you need to make sure you practice smart email etiquette so you don’t hurt your chances. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Be professional in all of your communications: While email can feel informal, you need to treat emails like any other business communication. This means checking spelling and grammar, structuring your messages with an introduction and signature, and avoiding using slang or emojis.
  • Set up a separate email address for your job search: You don’t want business and personal emails being mixed in and you don’t want important business emails lost because they come to your overcrowded personal inbox. Set up a dedicated email just for your job search that you check regularly, and make certain your email address is just your name and not something that tries to be cute or creative.
  • Include a well-written subject line to maximize the chance your email will be read: If you want your email to be opened, you need a descriptive subject line that makes an immediate positive impression. Don’t try to be cute with this either or your email could come off as spam and end up deleted. Make clear what the purpose of the communication is in a professional, simple way.
  • Proofread your email: It’s important your email is error-free and it sounds professional when it is read by a potential employer. Proofread the email to look for mistakes so you can correct any issues before you hit send.

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