When you are in charge of managing staff members, your job will be much easier if your employees actually take ownership of their own responsibilities. When employees take ownership of their work tasks, they take it upon themselves to meet deadlines, avoid mistakes, check for errors, and turn in excellent work. While you still need to provide leadership and oversee the work they turn in, there’s far less micromanaging to be done.

If you’re not certain how to convince your staff members to take ownership, these tips can help:

  • Communicate the big picture: Employees will typically work harder and be more motivated to do their job well if they understand why they are doing the work they do. Show employees how their work helps the organization to succeed, so they feel pride in the contributions they are making.
  • Give employees the right level of freedom: If you want employees to take ownership of completing their tasks, you need to ensure you give them the freedom to do so. If employees feel as if you’ll always micromanage them, then they have no reason to develop strong self-motivation skills or take the initiative to go one step further.
  • Prioritize initiative, rather than experience, when hiring or promoting: While employees need to have the essential skills for success, a lot of hard skills can be taught relatively quickly. Leadership and a strong drive to succeed, on the other hand, are not skills that can be taught – they are innate. If you want to build a team of workers who are self-motivated and eager to lead, you’ll need to prioritize these skills when promoting.
  • Provide effective employee feedback: You want employees to understand their contributions are being recognized. This means providing specific and detailed praise and offering constructive criticism to help staff members find ways to improve and grow.

Of course, you need to make sure you hire the right staff members who actually will take ownership of their work. IES Custom Staffing can help you. Contact our staffing service today to find out about the assistance we can provide in hiring a great team who will exceed your expectations.

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