Gaps on your resume aren’t out of the ordinary, because many people have reason to temporarily leave the workforce. Unfortunately, if you have periods when you were not employed, this can send up major red flags to companies that are considering hiring you.

Gaps on your resume don’t have to be disqualifying if you take the right approach to addressing them. Here are a few tips for dealing with common reasons for resume gaps.

You lost your job.

If you had a period of unemployment because you lost a past position, it’s imperative you’re positive when you address the gap. Don’t ever badmouth the company, but instead focus on all you achieved while you were working there.

You took time off to travel.

If you took a break from work to see the world, explain how your experience helped you improve your transferable job skills. Don’t stress the fun you had, but instead focus on how you learned to get along with people of all cultures and how you learned to adapt to change. If you did volunteer work or took jobs while abroad, you can also mention this experience, as well.

You went back to school.

This is a great reason for gaps in your resume and you have a clear answer at the ready as you explain how furthering your education has helped you to be better prepared to excel in the position you’re applying for.

You took time off because of health issues.

Don’t feel the need to disclose all of the personal details about your health problem, but instead be ready with a simple and straight-forward explanation you are comfortable giving.

You took time off to care for family members.

Explain that you felt being there for your family at the time was top priority, but that you also kept your professional skills up-to-date. Then, provide concrete examples, if you have any, about how you were able to stay aware of what was happening in your industry and keep your skills sharp. Close by explaining that you’re now ready to focus on your career once again.

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