Not getting hired can be a major disappointment, but you shouldn’t get discouraged. Instead, you should look upon the experience as a learning opportunity, and a chance to figure out how you can improve in the future.

One way to learn from your experience is to ask why you weren’t hired. While doing so can be perfectly appropriate, you want to ensure you ask in the right way so you come across as professional and don’t burn bridges. These tips can help:

Ask specific questions to get input.

If you ask an open-ended question like, “Why wasn’t I hired,” you’re likely to get vague attitudes and not the detailed information you need to refine your resume or interview skills. Instead of just asking a question that gives the hiring manager endless room to answer, be ready with specific questions like, “Did you not feel my skills were a good fit for the position,” or, “Did you think I would not fit in well with the company culture.” The more specific you are, the more likely it is the hiring manager will give you a helpful answer. 

Ask to have the conversation verbally.

Many hiring managers don’t want to put things in writing because this could create potential liability. Send a polite email asking if it would be possible to have a follow-up conversation about your application. If the hiring manager is receptive, set up a time for a brief phone conversation and be ready with your specific questions at the time of your talk.

Thank the interviewer for their time.

Hiring managers don’t have to spend time giving you feedback, so show your gratitude when they do. If the feedback they gave was mostly positive, you can also mention your continued interest in working for the company if another position opens up.

While you may not have gotten the job you applied for, there are plenty of positions out there you would be a great fit for. IES Custom Staffing can help you to find one, contact us today to get help from our staffing service with your job search.

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