When you apply for a job, your work history could make or break the likelihood you land the position. You need to make certain to highlight your professional experience on your resume, which means making your work history details as strong as possible.

If you’re not sure how to highlight your professional skills and showcase all you’ve done in your past positions, simply follow these tips to make sure your resume is ready to impress.

Go beyond just a job description.

Far too many people essentially copy the job description for their current position onto a resume. This dry recitation of what a job entailed isn’t going to paint a vivid picture for a potential employer about what you actually did at work, or help your potential new employer determine if your abilities make you a good fit.

Emphasize your accomplishments.

Your work history details on your resume should highlight all you’ve accomplished in the positions you held in the past. You don’t want to just explain what you did, you want to show how your actions and abilities led to successes for you and the organization you were employed by.

Provide quantifiable proof of the value you’ve added.

The more specific and measurable details you can provide that showcase your successes, the more likely it is that a potential employer will be impressed enough by your abilities to hire you.

Focus on work outcomes.

When you’re explaining your past jobs and the success stories you’ve had, you want to stress the outcomes that you helped to bring about. Think about problems you helped solve for your past employers and detail the specific actions that you took that led to positive outcomes.

Choose the format right for highlighting your skills.

Resumes can be chronological, or they can be organized around skills and experience. Decide what type of resume is the right one for you when you’re preparing to apply for a job. You should also decide whether the information you hope to impart works better in narrative form or should be outlined using bullet points for easy readability.

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