Social media isn’t just a tool for staying connected to friends, it’s also a great way to land a job. Social media allows you to make connections with a huge network of people, many of whom could help you advance your career. But, if you plan to use social media as a part of your job search, you’ll need to use this powerful online tool properly. Some of the key steps you should take to use social media to land your next job include the following.

Determining Your Goal.

Social media can be a major drain on your time and energy if you are not using them for a purpose – especially if you are looking for a job. You don’t want to chase leads that will be a waste of time or spend endless hours making connections with people who can’t actually provide you with any career help. To make sure you’re making a good effort to land a job you’ll actually love, set goals for what you hope to accomplish by using social media.

Doing the Researching.

Once you’ve made connections with people in your network and have started to find out about job leads, it’s important to make sure any leads you pursue would actually be a good fit for you. It’s hard to know that, especially when you’re just getting info from someone you’re talking to online, so do your research about what the organization does, what the company’s mission statement is, and how good the employer brand is.

Asking if an opportunity really makes sense for you.

When you use social networking properly, you may get lots of leads you could pursue about potential job opportunities. You could end up wasting tons of time if you try to pursue them all. Narrow down your list and focus your efforts only on opportunities that would actually help you advance your career, so you don’t spend a lot of effort pursuing a possible job that’s a bad fit.

It’s also important to consider whether other approaches are going to be most beneficial to helping you find work. For example, many job seekers benefit from getting the help of staffing professionals. IES Custom Staffing is here to work with you on your job search process and can help you find great companies hiring people with your skill set, so contact us today.

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