There are many different reasons you may need to resign from a job that you are currently holding, but there is only one way to submit your resignation properly. You don’t want to burn any bridges when you leave your current employer, so you need to make certain to follow the right process when leaving work. The steps you’ll need to take are listed below.

Giving Two Weeks’ Notice.

You don’t want to leave your employer in the lurch and it is imperative you provide ample time for the company to find and hire your replacement. Giving at least two weeks’ notice is advisable, but if you think it will take your employer longer to find someone to fill your shoes, you may want to err on the side of giving even more notice.

Writing a Polite Resignation Letter.

You should write a letter of resignation for your HR file. This isn’t a place to list your complaints or your problems with the organization, as that is only likely to burn bridges. Instead, the letter should be a very polite and professional message that simply explains you are going to be moving on to other opportunities. By making the letter inoffensive, you can ensure you don’t ruffle any feathers, so if you need a reference later or even potentially want to return to your past job, there will still be a door open for you.

Thanking Your Employer for the Opportunity.

Your employer has provided you with a paycheck and has helped you to gain important work experience. It’s polite and proper to thank your employer for the opportunities that were afforded to you, as you are leaving the company. By expressing your gratitude for all you have learned, you’ll have a better chance of maintaining relationships that could be important professional contacts in your future.

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