Employees who feel as though their boss supports them tend to be happier at work and do better on the job. While a good relationship with your boss could make or break your career, this kind of relationship does not just happen – it needs to be built with effort on the part of both the employee and the manager.

If you’re a worker and you want to do your part to ensure your relationship with your boss is a great one, some of the steps you could take include:

  • Paying attention to when and how your boss communicates: Everyone has a different style of communicating with others and if you can make your boss comfortable by adapting to their preferences, it will be much easier for your manager to share feedback and develop a connection with you. For example, if your boss doesn’t like to tackle tough issues in the morning or if they prefer to offer regular feedback rather than big formal reviews, you can try to adapt to traits like these. When it’s easier for your employer to connect with you, your boss is more likely to support you.
  • Evaluating your boss’ leadership style: Some leaders are far more hands-on than others. If you understand what type of leader your boss is, it’s easier for you to present problems, ask questions and perform work tasks in a way that brings out your manager’s natural talents. This will make it more likely your employer will give you more responsibilities to tackle and will be better able to support you as you complete work tasks.
  • Taking steps to make your employer’s job easier: When you make your manager’s job easier, you become indispensable to your boss, and your boss will want to invest more in your job growth. Focus on ways to make it easier for your employer to perform work and your own career should advance in the process.

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