A job interview provides you with a great chance to make a positive impression on a potential employer — but it could also jeopardize your chances at being hired if you say the wrong thing. While it can be hard to know what you should and shouldn’t talk about during a job interview, here are a few key things you want to avoid discussing if you hope to maximize the chances of being hired:

  • Asking how much the job pays. This question makes it appear you’re only focused on what the job can do for you, not what you can do for the organization. Broaching it too early can be a big red flag, so don’t bring up salary or benefits during an initial interview. It often makes sense to wait for your potential new employer to raise the issue and be prepared with advance research so you’re ready when they do.
  • Bad-mouthing past employers. Chances are good you’ve had some bad bosses, but saying negative things about people or companies you’ve worked with is never a good idea. If you do, you’ll raise major red flags about whether you’re a complainer likely to be criticizing your new company in a few months. Plus, if your field is small, the hiring manager interviewing you may know your current boss.
  • Talking about your weaknesses. You want to sell yourself at a job interview, which means you want to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t. Emphasize all the great skills you’ll bring to the table, but don’t bring up any weaknesses or potential pitfalls that might make you seem as though you’re a less attractive candidate.
  • Failing to ask questions at the end of the interview. Most interviewers allow job seekers time to ask questions. Don’t waste this time. Not only is asking good questions an opportunity to show you’d be an asset on the team, it may be one of your best chances to show you’ve done your research about the company and are serious about the position.

 Now that you know what to avoid talking about, you’re one step closer to being able to excel in the interview process. Now, you just need to find a great company to interview with. IES Custom Staffing can help, so contact us to find out about the assistance we can offer in your job search.

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