When you’re applying for a job, you and many other candidates may have similar technical skills and industry experience. This is because job ads outline basic qualifications every applicant should have, so it’s natural you’d be competing with people of similar backgrounds.

The key in these situations is to take steps to ensure you stand out from other candidates. One of the most important of those steps is to emphasize soft skills. In particular, some of the soft skills employers tend to look for that could help you separate yourself from the pack include:

  • Leadership. Most companies look for strong leaders because leaders can motivate others and enhance productivity for the whole team. You can show off your leadership skills by coming prepared with anecdotes about your past successes when you were in a position to drive the team.
  • Respect. It’s imperative to show respect for everyone you work with in order to foster a positive working environment. You can demonstrate respect through your behavior at the interview. Be polite and greet everyone you meet, show up on time, and be respectful of the interviewers time.
  • Enthusiasm. Companies want to hire someone who has a lot of passion. Show you’re excited about your job and enthusiastic about the new opportunity by talking about projects that have inspired you and coming prepared with questions about the company you’re interviewing with.
  • Confidence. Being confident in your abilities helps you perform better as an employee because you can make decisions and will challenge yourself to reach new heights. Show your confidence by providing insight into past successes and by practicing before your interview, so you come across as sure of yourself.
  • Work ethic. Having a strong work ethic ensures projects won’t fall through the cracks and you’ll work hard for the company. Have examples showing how you’ve gone the extra mile

When you emphasize these skills, you can maximize the chance of an employer determining you’re the most qualified candidate they interviewed. Of course, you need to land the interview first to show off your soft skills. IES Custom Staffing can help you find opportunities with great companies in your field, so give us a call today to learn how our staffing service can help you.

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