When you’re hiring someone for your organization, you will likely come across candidates currently working but pursuing other opportunities. Chances are good you’ll also encounter candidates who are unemployed.

While some employers are reluctant to hire candidates who aren’t working – especially if they have been out of the workforce for a while – there are times when hiring someone who has been unemployed might make a lot of sense. To help you determine if your organization should hire someone who is unemployed:

  • Understand why they left their last job. Many people lose jobs through no fault of their own, such as when a company goes under or is bought by a competitor. If someone lost a job because of happenstance, it’s not their fault they don’t currently have work and shouldn’t be penalized for it. These are the kinds of candidates it makes sense to swoop in and hire before someone else does.
  • Look for transparency in answers. Job seekers who lost jobs through no fault of their own will be open and willing to talk about the reason for leaving their past position. Those who left the workforce for a good reason will also be willing to talk about their motivations for leaving work. If someone starts to act evasive, however, this should send up red flags that maybe there’s a good reason why they don’t currently have work.
  • Find out what the candidate has done while unemployed. If someone has been unemployed for a while, you want to know how they spent their time. This will show you a lot about the employee’s work ethic as well as whether they have kept their skills current. Employees who volunteered or blogged about their industry or who otherwise took active steps to maintain their professional life during a period of unemployment are often people worth hiring. Those who took time off to deal with family issues, but have made an effort to stay or get current should also be worth considering.

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