When you attend a job interview, that interview process shouldn’t be the end of your communication with the hiring manager. In fact, what you do next could have a major impact on whether you actually get hired. That’s because you need to send appropriate follow-up emails after a job interview.

Five emails you may need to send include:

  • An email after a phone interview. This email should be a quick note of thanks to let the person you spoke to know you appreciated them taking the time to talk with you. You can reiterate your interest in the position, talk about how you enjoyed the conversation, and inquire about next steps as well.
  • An email after your first interview. You’ll definitely want to send a thank-you note expressing gratitude for the opportunity to come in for an interview. It’s also imperative that you  make the email personal. Address some of the things that were discussed – I was particularly excited about… — and make it clear you have a strong interest in working for the company.
  • An email after a second interview. At this point, you have moved pretty far into the hiring process, so you want to continue to be polite, professional and respectful. A thank-you email expressing your ongoing desire to work for the company and your strong excitement about all you’ve learned about the position is appropriate.
  • An email if you don’t get a response. If you don’t get a reply within the timeline the company set out for the hiring process to move forward – or within a week or so of your last contact with the company – it’s time to follow up. You can send a short, polite email expressing your continued interest and inquiring about next steps.
  • An email responding to an offer. You’ll need to decide if you want to accept the offer or if you want to send a graceful rejection letting the company know you’ve decided the job isn’t right for you.

By sending the right emails in a professional manner, you can maximize the chances of getting hired and maintain a positive relationship with the company regardless of whether you take the job or not. Of course, you need to actually land an interview in order to be able to show off your email skills.

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