Getting promoted at work is a cause for celebration, but you won’t get that coveted promotion without some effort on your part. To help you advance in your career, you should be certain to look for opportunities to apply to better positions within your organization. And if you do apply, you’ll want to be sure you do a great job at the interview to maximize the chances of landing the job.

While it can be hard to know what to expect when interviewing at a company you already work for, these tips can help:

  • Let your boss know, so they don’t find out from a third party. You don’t want your boss to feel like you’re leaving them in the lurch or that you’ve blindsided them by leaving. Chances are the hiring manager for the position is going to talk to your boss about you, so you want your boss to be ready when they do.
  • Follow the application instructions. While it may seem odd going through a formal application process at a company you work for, it’s important you treat the application as you would any other and follow instructions to a T. This will show you’re serious about the opportunity for a promotion, you’re paying careful attention to detail, and that you don’t just expect to be handed the job because of your current work with the company.
  • Be prepared with specific answers about why you’re ready for the promotion. Don’t say you’re trying to get a promotion to advance in your career – explain why the new position is a good fit for you and how you think you’ll be able to better help the company if you are able to move into a new role.

If you don’t have many opportunities for advancement in your current job, IES Custom Staffing can help you find a position where internal promotions can give you the chance to build career success. Contact us today to find out more.

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