Are you coming back to work after taking a sabbatical? Whether you took time off to take care of family, travel the world, or any other personal reasons, coming back to work can be a challenge. You’ll need to cope with getting back on your feet professionally – and convince an employer to take a chance on you despite a gap on your resume.

If you’re not sure how to do all that, here are some tips to help you out:

  • Refresh your skills. This may mean taking a course, renewing certifications, doing some volunteer work in your field or just brushing up on your knowledge by reading some industry publications. If you can show you’ve kept up with what’s been going on in your profession and you haven’t lost any of your knowledge, you’ll impress employers and feel more confident about resuming your work.
  • Consider a functional resume. Chronological resumes highlight gaps in employment, but there’s no reason you need to use a chronological resume when you apply for a new position. Instead, opt for a functional resume which is organized around your skills instead of around jobs you’ve had. Each header on the resume can identify some of your job-related skills and you can explain below where you got that particular experience and how it’s helped you professionally.
  • Get help from staffing professionals. Staffing professionals can help you find jobs with companies that are willing to overlook gaps in your resume. A staffing service could assist you in getting a temporary job too, which could help you to get your foot back in the door and potentially lead to a full-time position. 

IES Custom Staffing can help you maximize your chances of finding a great job where you’ll excel when you are ready to return to the workforce. Reach out to our staffing service today to find out how we can help you.

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