Your employees will be more motivated and better able to succeed if they know what’s going on at your organization. But, how can you keep employees up to date and aware of new developments, process changes or general company news?

Every company will take a different approach to sharing updates, but some possible suggestions include:

  • In-person meetings: These meetings can be held daily or weekly, depending upon how frequently you need to update your employees about what’s going on with your business. You should have a clear agenda and objectives for these meetings, regardless of how often they are held, to make sure they don’t turn into a waste of time and employees understand what they’re supposed to get out of them.
  • Email updates: Many companies send out daily news alerts or weekly alerts via email. Emails are effective because employees can read them on their own time. Just make sure you make the emails short, to the point and full of relevant information, so employees actually read them.
  • Company intranet: A company intranet or portal provides you with the ability to quickly and easily share information with appropriate staff members. You can easily update information and post news bulletins as needed, as long as you have the technology set up.
  • Apps to help you connect: There are plenty of apps out there that allow you to communicate news and updates to employees. For example, you could use Slack to allow staff members to communicate in real time. You can create different channels for members in different departments, as well as a channel for your whole organization. You can post relevant updates in each Slack channel and employees can respond to news and engage with each other in real time. You could also explore other apps to help meet your company’s specific needs for spreading news.

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