Working as a plumber is a great career. You get to do interesting work, and help people and companies by making their space more comfortable, safe and livable. However, you’ll need to have certain skills in order to be a success as a plumber. Some of the skills you need to excel in the field of plumbing include:

  • Strong technical skills: Obviously, plumbers need to know how plumbing works. You need to understand pipes, fittings, faucets and everything else that goes into a house’s plumbing system. Today, many plumbing products are also equipped with electronics, so you’ll need at least a basic understanding of all the new technologies that are found on water heaters and more.
  • Good customer service: You’ll be working in people’s homes or businesses; therefor, you must present a professional demeanor so people trust you and respect that you can do your job well. You need to be able to respond to people with problems, listen when people explain their situation, and put people at ease.
  • Regulatory compliance skills: Plumbers need to comply with state and local codes. You should have an understanding of the regulatory rules applicable to your profession and must be able to read, understand, and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Attention to detail: You’ll have to look at the big picture and focus on the details. Little things can help you spot where an issue may lie so you can be efficient in fixing any problems. You also need to be detail-oriented in your work, so you do not make mistakes that create problems down he line.

If you think you have what it takes to succeed as a plumber, or if you are already a successful plumber and are seeking new career opportunities, IES Custom Staffing is here to help you. We can work with you to find your dream plumbing job, so contact our staffing professionals today to learn what we can do for you.

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