Writing a good resume is key to landing a great job. Unfortunately, crafting a perfect resume is easier said than done. You want your resume to present you in the best light and catch a manager’s eye – but how can you do that?

If you’re not sure where to start, consider these important resume tips to give your resume a refresh and maximize the chances it will help you get hired in 2019:

  • Create a layout that works with applicant tracking software. Many people focus on making their resume format look pretty – but you want to make sure your resume is easy for employers to incorporate into applicant tracking software. Most companies have applicant tracking software that collects resumes that are submitted and compares them to the job description. So, focus on incorporating keywords and make sure you know how applicant tracking software works. Software typically doesn’t read text in headers or footers; doesn’t pay attention to bolded text; and can’t read texts in charts or tables. It reads text from left to right, so put text into correctly formatted columns and leave off the special formatting.
  • Remove jobs from before 2005. The world has changed a lot since 2005, and past experience before that date likely isn’t relevant to any job you’d apply for now. Don’t make potential employers weed through a bunch of old information when you could instead focus on more recent, relevant accomplishments.
  • Customize your resume to each position you apply for. You don’t need just one resume for 2019. You need a resume for each job you’re applying for. Every resume you submit should be customized in response to the job description. Mirror the language from the job ad back to the employer and provide specific details to show you have the skills the company is looking for.

Having a great resume is one of the keys to finding the perfect job; however, you also need to get your resume in front of the right people. IES Custom Staffing can help ensure you’re considered by companies looking for people like you. Contact our staffing service today to find out more about how we can help you.

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