When you’re interviewing candidates, the goal is to bring the most talented people on board. However, how can you tell who is likely to excel in your industry and make the most valuable contributions to your company?

While it can be a challenge to weed through candidates in order to find top talent, here are some tips to help you spot the people who will turn into stars once you bring them on board:

  • Look for informed candidates. Talented professionals will know a lot about the industry and about your company. Look for candidates who know industry jargon, show they keep up-to-date with professional developments in your industry and ask informed questions that show they’ve researched your company before coming to the interview.
  • Make sure they’re connected to the mission. You want to hire someone who cares about the work your company is doing and who is excited about excelling in their profession. Watch for signs they want to succeed, such as asking questions about what it takes to be successful at the job.
  • Identify the attributes necessary for success in the job. You’ll need to know what kinds of skills you’re looking for in order to assess whether a candidate has those traits. Think about your ideal candidate and about people who have been successful in the position before, and make a list of attributes you believe are most important. Then, ask interview questions aimed at getting a candidate to illustrate whether they possess those attributes or not.
  • Look for signs of passion. You want someone who is very excited about their field. People who love their work and find it exciting are going to be better at what they do and more willing to do the hard work to stay at the top of their game. Watch how the candidate talks about the job and their past successes to see if you can find that spark of passion that’s necessary for success.

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