Many people looking for jobs are proactive about their efforts, sending out resumes and contacting people in their network. But, what if you are still OK at your current job and just want to see what other opportunities are out there. In these circumstances, you may want to just become a passive job seeker.

Being a passive job seeker does not mean not doing anything, though. There are still some steps you should take to show you’re open to new opportunities and to enhance your chances that a great new job will come along that takes your career in a different direction. Some of those steps may include:

  • Being an active LinkedIn user: If you are on LinkedIn regularly, you can establish a name for yourself within your field. Other people will get to know you and will become part of your network for the day that you are ready to actively seek a new position. People who are in your LinkedIn network may also let you know of inspiring opportunities that you may decide to take advantage of.
  • Updating your resume: You never know when you’ll need to send off your resume for consideration when an opportunity becomes available. You don’t want to be rushing around trying to perfect this important employment document at the very last minute, so get your resume in tip-top shape so it’s ready to present to any recruiter you come into contact with.
  • Building a career network: Getting to know people on LinkedIn alone isn’t enough. You should also make personal connections with people in your field in your area so you can enhance the opportunities that come available to you.
  • Making sure you’re interview-ready: Stay up-to-date on what’s going on in your field and on important interview questions so you’re always ready to interview at a moment’s notice.

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