Social media is a forum where it feels as though you can share everything. Since your job is likely a big part of your life, it may feel natural to hop online, visit your favorite social network and provide updates about your work or even share grievances about what’s happening at the office. Unfortunately, although it is common, using social media to talk about your job can actually be a very bad idea. In fact, there are many good reasons why you should never talk about your job on social media including the following:

  • It can give you a bad name: Your current employer will probably frown on your lack of professionalism if they find out you’re talking about work online. This could cost you promotions at your job, or even possibly get you fired. Any future employers will also see your social posts dealing with your current employer and may be reluctant to hire you because they’ll worry you’ll soon be venting about them on the internet. This can seriously hurt your chances of career advancement.
  • It can cause issues with co-workers: Co-workers who see your online feed may become angry or resentful if you’re boasting about a raise or may become annoyed and upset if you’re complaining about your peers on the job.
  • It could damage your employer’s reputation: Employers try to cultivate a positive reputation online. If you are complaining about working conditions or disparaging the products or services they provide, this could undermine their efforts. Your employer is not going to treat this favorably, and you will almost assuredly face serious consequences to your career if your online antics reflect poorly on the company you work for.

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