No one ever wants to be let go from work, but unfortunately people are fired or downsized all the time. Sometimes, events beyond your control, such as company restructuring, can lead to the loss of your job. But, in many cases, if you take certain actions and develop the right kind of reputation at work, you can make sure you’re able to stay employed for a good long time.

So, how can you maximize the chances you’ll be able to keep your current position for as long as you want it? Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Become an indispensable employee: You want your boss to feel as though they can’t live without you so they’ll never be tempted to let you go. You can make your boss feel that way by always getting your work done on time, being someone your boss can trust, and going the extra mile to make your boss’ job easier.
  • Make money for the company: Companies hire employees to help them make a profit. The more your contributions contribute to the company’s bottom line, the less likely they are to ever want to let you go. You should identify the things you do that add the most concrete value to your organization and spend as much time as possible doing those things.
  • Make contributions that are measurable: It’s important for you – and the company – to be able to point to specific contributions you have made that justify your position. Don’t let yourself drift in the background or spend your days only supporting others. Take the lead and make some contributions you can point to as evidence of your success.
  • Be a low-maintenance employee: You don’t want your boss to feel you need intense supervision and micromanagement to be a success. The less problems you cause, the more likely it is the company will want to keep you on staff.

It also helps to be in a job you’re good at and are passionate about. IES Custom Staffing can help you find such a job. Contact our staffing service today to learn how we can assist you in finding work that you’d be a great fit for.

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