A decade ago, a temporary or contract role was frowned upon. The idea that the worker couldn’t land a full-time position and was relegated to temp work was prevalent. Today, U.S. News & World Report says, “the world of work is now defined by those who have a less permanent place in it.” Forbes reports that next year one-half of the U.S. workforce will be defined as freelance, contract, or temporary. What are the benefits today of temp work for the average American worker?

Temp Work – Big Career Benefits

Today’s temp worker is not discriminated against because they don’t have a full-time role. Instead, these workers are praised for their ability to be fast on their feet when changing jobs. Some of the benefits these workers experience include:

  • Greater job flexibility. This is a huge benefit if you have family commitments, are going to school, or have other issues that require your work to fit effectively into your life. If you’re trying to earn extra money, these roles can help. Or, if you need to pick up a night shift because you’re in school during the day, there are all kinds of options available to the temp worker that the full-time employee just doesn’t have.
  • Boosts job skills. Temp employees can cram a lot of skills into a short career history because they have the opportunity to take a new role when they choose. That makes temp work particularly ideal for people young in their careers, or for older workers who want to modernize their skillsets.
  • Allow you to try it before you buy it. Many temp jobs can be contract-to-hire, which gives workers an opportunity to experience a work culture before committing to it. It can also help workers try out a completely new career path. This is a huge benefit and allows people more job security in the long run. Temp workers can also get their foot in the door of a company they’ve been targeting but haven’t even been able to get the interview.
  • Expansion of your career network. Temp workers meet a lot of new people every time they start a new job. We all know that networking is an important way to find the next job. Working as a temp laborer means that you will automatically expand your career network with every new contract you take on. This will also help you increase the volume of professional references you have, which is never a bad thing to do.
  • Close career gaps. It’s always easier to find a job if you have a job. If there is a gap in a worker’s employment history, a temp job can help get them back to work while giving them valuable experiences. It’s a good way to fill resume holes while building your credentials even while you are looking for something more permanent.

IES can provide all of these benefits with a temp job suitable for your career goals. If you’re trying to decide what’s next in your career, start the conversation with our team. The conversation is free, so why not contact us today?

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