If you’ve never worked with a recruiter, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. What if we told you a person standing by that will help you land your next job by suggesting changes to your resume, introducing you to employers, and prepping you for the interview – and they will do all this for free.

While some people view recruiters with suspicion they probably have never partnered properly with a staffing firm to improve their chances of finding the best job possible. Here are some tips you need to know about working with a recruiter.

Job Searching is Complicated – Find a Helper Today

Staffing agencies or third-party recruiting firms work hard every day to connect their clients. These firms have two main types of clients: the company seeking talent and the job candidate. The company that hired the recruiting firm pays all of the fees so the service is free to the candidate. That makes the recruiting firm a tremendous asset to the job seeker. A recruiter can do all these things for the typical job candidate:

  • Keep your job search confidential while sharing your resume with an employer.
  • Connect you with employers that haven’t even posted jobs online yet.
  • Provide helpful advice for spiffing up an outdated resume.
  • Help you understand the hiring process and how you stack up to other candidates.
  • Help you understand the salary ranges in the area based on your skills.
  • Suggest training courses to modernize your skills.
  • Prep you for the phone and in-person interview process.
  • Give your job advice and support.
  • They may even provide you with health insurance and benefits if the position is a contract.

Recruiters spend all day networking with candidates and employers. They help open the door to a good job for millions of people every year. However, it’s important to know that the recruiter is a good fit for you. Watch out for recruiters that fail to follow up or that bombard you with job openings that have nothing to do with your skill set. You have to recognize that there are bad employees in any job so you will run into recruiters that are less-than-capable.

Finding the right recruiter means that you will have a trusted partner in your search for a new job. Check out the company they work for and the social media of the recruiter. Do they seem like the kind of company and employee you’d like to work with? Trust your gut on this; if the recruiter seems unethical they may be.

Ultimately, you and the recruiter have the same goals to find a job that fits for you long-term. While the recruiter must meet the expectations of their client, they also represent you and will pitch your credentials to the client to help you get the interview. Keep in mind, if the recruiter agrees to work with you and you don’t get the job, they will be the perfect conduit to other jobs down the road.

Should You Work With a Recruiter?

Given the clear benefits of having a recruiter in your corner, why wouldn’t you consider working with one? Contact IES for a confidential discussion of how we can help.

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