Some things are worth doing. If you love your job but are dealing with frustration or some sort of setback, it can make you feel like putting a resume together and fleeing the scene. That may be a good idea but maybe not. It’s important to deal with the setback logically, especially if you like the job but are experiencing a temporary rough patch.

Could a setback at work signal it’s time to leave? Maybe. But it also may signal an opportunity for growth. Here’s how to keep moving forward even when you feel like you’ve moved two steps back.

Keep on Trucking

Maybe you were up for promotion and didn’t get it. Or perhaps a project suddenly went awry. Either way, you’re left with negative feelings about your place in the organization or maybe the company itself. These setbacks can make you feel disillusioned or demoralized but do you want to start all over again somewhere else? Take a moment and reassess your situation to keep on moving forward – literally.

If work has you down it’s a good idea to, literally, get moving again. During times of high stress or work disappointment, consider that your emotional health is strongly connected to your physical health. That’s why it’s a good idea to go for a walk periodically throughout your day to lighten your mood. If you experience a setback at work that’s got you down, you can improve your outlook by exercising and eating right. At the end of the day, it may help provide you with the perspective you need to move forward.

Practice Reframing Techniques

Our minds can get stuck in patterns of negative thinking. Sometimes it’s easier to go negative than to look at the positives inherent in any situation. The way to do this sometimes is to sit down and mind map ways to reframe what happened to move forward. This way you can consider a setback more of a temporary situation instead of a long-term problem.

Reassess Your Goals

Instead of feeling stuck in the negative, consider rethinking your work-related goals to help improve your outlook. What did the setback teach you? Work with your manager to discuss new ways of moving forward to the next goal and certainly don’t give up. There’s nothing wrong to change direction; companies do it all the time. Consider that you may even have more pressing goals that align more completely with the corporation or your department. You may be down temporarily, but you are not out of the game.

Count Your Chickens

If your self-confidence has taken a dip as a result of the setback, you’re not alone. Feeling depressed after a failure is normal. But now is the time to boost your confidence by recognizing the successes you’ve had and the benefits of the job. The reality is that everyone makes mistakes, gets knocked down and misses their goal. It’s how you move forward from this point that will show the kind of person you are.

With this said, there are situations where it’s simply time to move on. If you feel this is it, contact IES Custom Staffing. We can help.

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